Stephany Gilson

Making it Easy For you

Design shouldn’t be complicated or stressful. Design encompasses a huge spectrum of areas which all begin with a single design problem. The journey to finding your design solution should be enjoyable and easy. Fine art is for the artist and design is for the audience. I will ensure that your designs are solely for your audience. These solutions will be innovative, modern, up to date, and aesthetically pleasing to your audience.

Design Process

Chatting and Inquiry

We can start our communication with a quick phone call. I’ll send you a small questionnaire that you can fill out so that I have an idea about a more specific idea about what you want for your designs. This questionnaire doesn’t require any graphic design experience. Once I have an idea of what you’re looking for, I can give you a time frame estimate.

Briefs and Moodboards

Once I’ve received your questionnaire, I’ll send you a brief and moodboards. Mood boards are a collection of images that encompass the five senses, colors, typography, and an idea of what the aesthetics of the design solution could be. Then I’ll check in to make sure we’re both on the same page for design problem and solution.


I will come up with a bunch of ideas. After a period of time sketching and coming up with ideas, I will send these ideas over to you for your approval.

Approval, Edits, and Execution

After I get approval on an idea, I will start working on the final design and send it over to you. Get your feedback, and make any edits you need. We can go back and forth until your design is right.

Sent to you!

Once we work through the edits and everything is done. I will send you your finished product in the desired format for your design solution. Whether that be for web or a high resolution image. I will ensure that your files are saved to the appropriate format for you.


Here is a list of services I offer. If you don't see something in the list below or are curious about different options I am happy to talk about it!


Who are you? What do you have to say? What do you stand for? Let me help you tell your story visually.

Logos and Icons

Logos, icons, and wordmarks to represent your company and brand values.


Let your designs come to life with color and illustrations! Whether it be line drawings, filled with color, digital and/or traditional!

Infographics, Brochures, Posters, and Menus

Infographics,  brochures, menus, and posters with a combination of illustration and designs.

GIFS and Instagram Stickers

Gifs, Instagram Stickers, and moving illustrations. Appear on Instagrams Gifs search bar to enhance your brand.

Web Design and SEO

Elementor Pro, Crocoblock, and Yoast SEO. Let me help get your site to the first few pages of pages of Google organically without any ads.